Nowadays, everybody can trad from home thanks to the internet. But beware, let’s not confuse ourselves: one thing is to trade and another thing is to get a profit from that activity, not to mention to live from it. Just as it took us several years to get a career, no one could pretend to learn the ins and outs of this hard profession in a few weeks.

Trading is, without a doubt, a long-distance race that needs a lot of training and an important dose of passion. Without training and passion, the trader will most likely crash into the power of the financial markets and lose his money in a very short time.

If we already have this technical knowledge, the first thing we need is a broker who is an intermediary that allows us to place buy-sell orders on the market in exchange for certain commissions for each operation. To begin with, the broker service offered by the banks themselves is usual. Now that we are more advanced in trading, we must select the one that best suits our profile.

Finally, we need a trading platform, which is a software that allows us to visualize the graphs of the evolution of the financial product with which we operate. There are many: Ninja Trader, Metatrader, Visual Chart… At the beginning, it’s normal to start with the platform offered by our broker.

And we need money, finally! There is no investment without money, and there is no trading without investment. Naturally, we advise you to start with a small amount. There are products that allow you to start trading with only 100 euros. My advice: give this money for the lost from the beginning and never forget that the success sustained over time will depend on your effort, dedication and discipline.

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