The science used to solve specific problems is technology. It is a set of scientifically ordered knowledge that enables the design and creation of goods or services that facilitate environmental adaptation and the satisfaction of humanity’s essential needs and wishes. It is a word of Greek origin, the word «Techno» (the art, technique or trade, which can be translated as dexterity) and the word «logia» (the study of something).

Although there are many technologies that are very different from each other, the term technology is commonly used to refer to the set or to one of them. The word technology can also refer to the theoretical discipline that studies the common knowledge of all technologies and in some contexts of technological education, the school discipline dedicated to familiarizing with the most important technologies.

Technological activity influences social and economic progress, but if its application is purely commercial, it can be designed to meet the wishes of the most prosperous (consumerism) and not to meet the most needy’s essential needs. This approach can promote unsustainable environmental use. Some human technologies are the main cause of the growing depletion and degradation of the planet’s natural resources due to their intensive direct or indirect use of the biosphere.

However, technology can also be used to protect the environment, seeking innovative and efficient solutions to meet the growing needs of society in a sustainable way, without deteriorating the material and energy resources of the planet or increasing inequalities. Social, social. Some human technologies have led to enormous progress in the standards and quality of life of billions of people on the planet, while at the same time improving environmental conservation.


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