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If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve made a forex transaction. Travel to France and convert your pounds to euros.

What is Forex and how to make money?

Forex, also known as currencies, FX or forex trading, is a decentralized global market of all currencies traded around the world. This market is...
Marketing was invented to meet the needs of the market in exchange for profit for the companies that use it to develop.


Marketing is an English concept, which is translated into Spanish as marketing or marketing. It is about the discipline dedicated to the analysis of...


Strategic marketing is based on an analysis of the market opportunities. It consists of knowing which customers I want to contact, finding out their...
If you think the trend will continue, you could trade in a forex, selling the Chinese currency against another currency, for example the US dollar.


Forex, also known as currencies, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market for all currencies traded worldwide. This market is the largest...
One of the most important advantages of Forex is undoubtedly the technological advancement of the software.

These are the main advantages and benefits of forex trading

The films represent traders as intelligent, young and in-suit individuals who earn a six-digit salary with a few clicks a day. Well, this is...

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