Digital marketing or online marketing is the development of advertising and marketing strategies through digital media, in which all the techniques used in the off-line world are imitated and translated into the online world in the same way, for example, news appears in digital marketing. Tools such as search engines such as Google, new social networks and the possibility of digital profitability measures for each of the strategies employed.

Digital marketing is mainly implemented on the Internet through the positioning of the Web in search engines such as «Google,» the management of social networks by community managers, electronic commerce (e-commerce) and online advertising, but it also includes advertising strategies on mobile devices.

Telephony, digital screen advertising and promotion in any other online media. The innovations of digital marketing are based on Web 2.0, which gives rise to the possibility of sharing information easily thanks to social networks and new information technologies, which enable the almost instantaneous exchange of information that was previously impossible to share with so much scope and speed. As in the world of online.

Digital Marketing uses the Internet not only as a means of finding information, but also as a community where there are constant relationships and feedback with users from different parts of the world, so it seeks to highlight the views of users online.

Origin of Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing

The first version of the Internet came in the 90s, a little different from what we know today, called Web 1.0.

This Internet of yesteryear did not allow users to actively interact with web pages, but allowed them to find information in a simple search system.

It was like a library where you enter, you find what you want, but you can’t change the content you found.

Communication was much more of a major content producer and people passively accessed content. At the beginning of the Internet, the term digital marketing was created.

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